WordPress TinyMCE : Wrap several elements in DIV

Problem: User wants to know if it is possible to wrap multiple items in a div by using TinyMCE? He wants to avoid using a shortcode.
Here is a setup:

$style_formats = array(
‘title’ => ‘Title with list’,
‘block’ => ‘div’,
‘classes’ => ‘my-class’,
‘wrapper’ => true,

The result:


  • Some text...
  • Some text...
  • Some text...

But he wants to has something like this:


  • Some text...
  • Some text...
  • Some text...

Solution 1:
I think you have to use a different method to do this. Based on the documentation here:

Take a look here:

And Here:
I haven’t actually done this – I just spent some time researching it a while ago for a client.

Solution 2:
After slightly modified the code User has what he wanted.
He also added a button to remove the div.
Here is the method:

Above problem is solved by user himself so 2nd solution is correct.but if you have any other idea to solve this problem you can do that. Be creative.

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