[Plugin: Visual Form Builder] Digit validation

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Sep 06

Problem: Our problem is related to visual form builder plugin. User wants to know that Is there any way to organise a specified number or characters used to validate the number field when specifying to validate digits? He wants to use just only “Number” field to get ZIP codes validation for digits. But the “Number” field have no limit for number of characters to check against them. It will validate everything as as long as it is a digit or number. Would that be a rule he writes in the my-js.js file? If so how? Every problem has a solution.

Custom Fields In WordPress: Templates are piece of cake for different things.

Asad Ullah   
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Jul 18 In CMS world, the most demanding job is template developing. You get most of the things built-in and ready to use in CMS even templates, but clients and companies demand for more shining layout and more according to their requirement. WordPress provides a very powerful and organized architecture for templates. We can divide each template in parts which make more sense in organizing the code. Most of the modern layouts have heavy data blocks in pages. Like sidebars, sticky posts, sections in footer and bottom related posts. WordPress does allow to create custom fields and metaboxes but with very

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