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23rd January, 2021 | 10:30 am – 04:00 pm

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About .NET Conf.

.NET Conf is a free, virtual developer event organized by the .NET community, .NET Foundation, and Microsoft. This year Code Movement Pakistan is collaborating with .NET Foundation and Microsoft to bring this event to you. .NET Conf 2020 is extra special as .NET 5.0 launched on the 10-year anniversary of this virtual conference. Amid COVID19, we’ll be doing DEVCON online this year.

Code Movement Pakistan has been active for last 7 years, has conducted around 60+ FREE technical trainings and conferences


Conference Agenda

Keynote – Welcome to .NET 5, .NET Foundation and Code Movement Pakistan update – Abdul Rehman Aftab | Raheel Khokhar
11:00am (Pakistan Time) | 06:00am (UTC)

Abdul Rehman Aftab, Member of .NET Foundation and President – Code Movement Pakistan, along with Raheel Khokhar, Co-founder – Code Movement Pakistan, will kick off the day with loads of new stuff and demos. Also take a look at what the Code Movement Pakistan and .NET Foundation has been up to and how to get involved.

Blazor: Client Side vs. Server Side: Hands on Development and Deployment – Shafqat Farhan
11:45am (Pakistan Time) | 06:45am (UTC)

We will look at the main differences between Client Side Blazor, and Server Side Blazor. We will discuss situations and scenarios in which one should be favored over the other. We will develop a small app & deploy it twice on Azure: As a Client Side Blazor App, and as a Server Side Blazor App.

Microservices in .NET – Nish Anil
12:15pm (Pakistan Time) | 07:15am (UTC)

Learn about new tooling the .NET team is working on to help you build, debug and deploy microservices faster.

What’s New in C#? – Raheel Khokhar
01:15pm (Pakistan Time) | 08:15am (UTC)

Raheel will take you on a tour of the new features in C# 9.0: Top-level programs remove clutter. Init-only properties and records improve support for immutable and value-based programming. New patterns take pattern matching to the next level.

01:45pm (Pakistan Time) | 08:45am (UTC)
Architecting Cloud Native Application in Azure using .NET Core – Nabeel Ilyas
02:00pm (Pakistan Time) | 09:00am (UTC)

In this session we will discuss about why .NET is a perfect blend to deliver Cloud Native applications.

GitHub Codespaces + Visual Studio – Ali Hasnain Bukhari
02:30pm (Pakistan Time) | 09:30am (UTC)

GitHub and Visual Studio technologies have evolved and provide unique productivity enhancements to all .NET developers. Join this session to see how it benefits you.

ML.NET in Real World – Mehreen Tahir
03:00pm (Pakistan Time) | 10:00am (UTC)

Hear from real life ML.NET developer about the problems with Machine Learning and why they chose ML.NET to add ML to their apps.

Entity Framework Core 5.0: The Next Generation for Data Access – Ehtisham Ahmed Siddiqui
03:30pm (Pakistan Time) | 10:30am (UTC)

Use C#, .NET classes, and LINQ to interact with databases like Sqlite, Azure SQL Server and even Azure Cosmos DB from .NET 5 apps with Entity Framework Core. See the latest features in action like many-to-many, table-per-type and new diagnostics features.

Closing Notes – Raheel Afzal – CEO DatumSquare
04:00pm (Pakistan Time) | 11:00 (UTC)

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