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Saturday 12, December. From 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

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When kids from 5 – 12 years of age will grow up and leave their teen age, they will not find anything around them that wouldn’t be affected and involved by software coding. So it is better to expose them to coding sooner than later.



We’ll teach them, and let them practice Scratch for Kids, and they’ll get a real feel of how code is written, and logic is made.

1 parent and 1 kid (total 2) are allowed with a single registration. Parent could either be mother or father.

A Plus

  • Not only programming, our team of spectacular engineers will teach them different analytical technique that later in life could be used for programming software.
  • Moreover, parents will also be taught on how to teach the kids programming, and getting them ready for world filled with technology.
  • Participation certificates for kids.
  • Lots of candies

About Code Movement

Code Movement is all about spreading awareness about coding and its scope. Our agenda is to unleash true potential of programming in Pakistan by leveraging skills of our schools & college students, university under grads & industry professionals and helping the next generation to excel in the world of Software Development.

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